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Friday, March 24, 2006

Everard just made me teary.

Everard makes me insane mostly. Nice guy, nice teacher, not so great on organization or actually putting philosophy into practice.

We went to that conference a few weeks ago on autism and working with students. Granted, there is A LOT of work involved in actually putting what we were being taught into practice. Complete overhaul of the room, all new lesson plans, all new lessons, a significant amount of planning to put into putting the lessons together.

It's taken him awhile to even think about starting it. But he stepped up and came into work last weekend to change his room configuration.

And then he emailed me multiple times early this week to ask for help with a very bright not-so-austistic-but-there's-no-convincing-his-mom-at-this-point child. So I suggested he actually try training the kid in the program we learned.

And he did.

And I just checked my email even though it's Friday evening.

And Everard emailed me thanking me (really, I do understand I had nothing to do with it) for suggesting he train the little guy because the little guy has had a spectacular week and came up to him today asking for his "work".

Way to go Everard! I'm teary just thinking about all the help these kids are going to get now. I could just burst.


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